Monday, 8 October 2012

Monday mentor... Crafty Daddies

It's no secret that Anna and I consider ourselves to be a little bit crafty... and we hope that most Mummies are a little bit crafty!

However, when I stumbled across this crafty website for Daddies my eyes were opened to a whole new world of crafty enterprises. The Squidoo website featuring a host of links to sewing & other tutorials is a host of lovely projects for crafty Daddies.

Scroll past the sewing tutorial on messenger bags (so not manly enough for our Daddy DayCare) and on to some of the other projects that would appeal to the sewing challenged craft Daddies.

I'm enchanted by the tree house / summer house project

But I also love the pallet table, which could have multiple uses both inside and out... and perfect little person height!

There's many projects on this site that crafty people should try: painting stones, mosaics, wood carving, and more. It's a site of inspiration indeed and a worthy Monday Mentor.

Watch out Daddy DayCare... I can see a few projects I may want to put on your to do list.

DangerBaby would LOVE this but let's wait until she's a little older!!!

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