Thursday, 25 October 2012

Twins? Double trouble, double joy!

What wonderful news for any family! Twins, double trouble, double joy! At the Love What We Do event in West Byfleet I met a lovely lady who was expecting twins and another who was pushing her twins around the event.

I must say both ladies looked remarkably relaxed and well presented (hair brushed, matching clothes on and everything I aspire to achieve before leaving the house!). It was a real pleasure to meet these ladies, and when I found out one of my neighbours was expecting twins in her family it made me think that perhaps twins were not as rare as I had thought they were!

We have a twins / multiple gift ideas on the website. You can find it here.

However I've put my thinking cap on and will be updating the page with these ideas as well:

Twin Bump

Babies joining the family is an extra special occasion and at this time of year they need something they can cuddle up in. So whether they're boys, girls or one of both; I'd treat them to a Shuktara blanket each!

Twin Baby - Girls

A set of the Nyoki baby bonnet and booties for each of the little ones is a MUST! These little sets are available in an array of materials, I'd probably choose the super soft bamboo sets with a flower detail. One set in pink, one in white. They can mix and match between them!

Twin Baby - Boys

A pair of Larry the lambs - with different scarf colours! There's nothing like soft bamboo to wrap little hands (and most likely gums) around. Full of fanciful dreams of becoming an RAF pilot these little lambs have big dreams and high hopes. A lovely boys toy for twin boys.

Twin Baby - One of Each

Well a pair of our best selling wooden cars! Small enough for little hands, and made to last at least several lifetimes of child play, these small wooden treasures are perfect presents.

Older Twins

Well I'd have to treat them to a pull along toy and a breakfast board each. Being a little older I'd let them choose from the array of animals available!

Perhaps a Elephant Board and a Snappy Crocodile for a boy?

Or a Rabbit Board and a Bobbing Bunny for her?


Gifts that they will love and use for many years to come!

Why not grab a cup of coffee and chill out this Thursday while taking a look around our site!

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