Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Welcome to the world...

We love hearing about new babies, and there have been a fair few of them making an appearance recently!

We believe congratulations are in order to Adele & her partner Simon on the birth of their baby boy.

Donald Trump Jr. And his wife Vanessa have had their fourth child, also a boy!

In face boys have been all the rage this month with Marissa Mayer (CEO Yahoo), Megan Fox, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Reesse Witherspoon all announcing the safe arrival of their baby boys!

Only actress Drew Barrymore has bucked the trend, she gave birth to a lovely little girl named Olive.

On a more exciting and personal front: One of our customers recently returned to purchase an extra special gift for a newborn who arrived last week and as I type this I am waiting to hear the exciting news of our very own Italian Stallion's little brother (COME ON Baby Lewis!!).

**News Flash - Baby Lewis is here! Well Done Mummy and congratulations on becoming a big brother Italian Stallion!!**

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