Monday, 22 October 2012

Monday Mentor- Cara Sayer

Today marks the start of National Parent Week. In homage to the trials and tribulations we parents go through to protect our little ones in all seasons, today we have chosen our Monday mentor wisely!

Cara has achieved what most Mum whose maternity leave is coming to a close wishes for. Creating and producing a successful product for Mum and baby, making life that little bit easier and creating a successful business of her own.
Cara left her marketing career to stay at home with her daughter. Then, just like that, an idea popped into her mind for a baby product that was missing in the market and two years later, the Snooze shade was born.

Every Mum has struggled with babies that won't settle in their pushchair and pram because the sun is too bright, there are too many distractions or lost blankets to puddles as they precariously drape over the canopy only to be lost with a gust of wind. I thought until recently that the Snooze shade was simply a  shade for sunshine during the summer months. But how wrong was I! 
It's also perfect to keep baby and blanket secure and sound asleep beneath it's protective shield during the chilly months. 

The Snooze shade blocks out the light, is portable and conveniently small enough to keep in the nappy bag, buggy basket or hang off the handles. Perfect for every month of the year
Buggies have not been the end of the product line for Cara. She has also successfully invented and produced a black out cot blind & a black out car seat cover. With numerous celebrities choosing the snooze shade products for their little ones.

Cara we thank you. Your products settle our little ones to sleep making Mums lives easier and therefore making everyone happier. Thank you Cara for being a fabulous Mum and a fabulous Mumpreneur!

To see Cara's products and her wonderful website click here.

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