Thursday, 11 October 2012

It's Chocolate Week!

It's been chocolate week all week! Not being a chocolate fan I'd usually let this pass me by, but my little one has only just started to enjoy the odd piece of chocolate... so that seems like a reason to celebrate!

As far as I can tell, chocolate week is held in the UK every year. It's celebrated by those who make, those who love and those who work with chocolate.

There's even a website. I kid you not. It tells you about chocolate events in your area and has links to the companies that are participating in chocolate week.

My favourite area of the website is the recipes!

Even I would probably like the Mexican chocolate and chilli cake!

So sit down, treat yourself to a bit of whatever type of chocolate you fancy - dark, milk, (thankfully they don't seem to think that "white chocolate" is chocolate!! YAY someone who agrees with me).

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