Thursday, 14 February 2013

A not very Valentines blog....

Sometimes people don't want red roses, smoochy words & other over the top shows of love on Valentines Day.

This blog entry is for you! While we love our traditional gifts for babies & children, sometimes it's just as lovely to give something a little less expected (like today's blog entry not being filled with hearts and flowers).

We have an alternative gift guide over on our Facebook page for those people who are tired of giving the same old gifts or receiving the same old gifts.

Head on over to our Facebook page for more details.

A solid silver nappy pin, a treasured memory back to the days of terry towelling nappies - something a Mum to be would smile at and probably thank the heavens that they don't need!

The Ruby & Ginger "just nipping out" set for those Mummies who don't want to swap their treasured handbag for a big old clunky changing bag!

All these ideas and more over at

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