Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hop little Bunnies Hop Hop Hop

Meet Three little bunnies.  
Hop Skip and Jump. 
Sitting patiently in a row waiting for delivery of all the Easter eggs. 
They have a very important job. 
They help hide all the Easter eggs in the Garden for your little ones to find at Easter. Make them up to decorate your house and garden with and hide a little chocolate egg inside as an extra treat at Easter.
Hop is a happy chap and likes to tie pretty bows on all the eggs. Skip is a naughty fella and tends to cause mischief hiding the eggs from the other two. Jump is the organised type, always bossing the other two around. 
These sweet bunnies last a lot longer then chocolate eggs.
A treasured little bunny friend.

Make sure you request their help at Easter. 
Being bunnies they are very busy at this time of Year.
Dens to burrow, Straw to chew and Eggs to hide! 

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