Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Teacup Tuesday, My biggest grievance- BAD service

I had a bit of a bad week last week. 
So when I then go onto receive bad service it sends me into a BIG style grump.
It’s my thing. My BIG niggle in life.
I hate BAD service!
For me it doesn’t matter if I am shopping for a Television or a Newspaper, service goes a long way. Especially in a tough economic climate like we are in today. Read my moan from last year here.

I spent a lot of last week either receiving bad service or hearing about other people’s bad experiences. Whether it be a order someone has made on face book  (not a u-ni-k order may I add) where 2 ½ months later they have still received the goods ordered or had a reply to the request, a baby free lunch out in a Café with my other half whereby the service was cold and grumpy and quite honestly not heart felt or a massive Company giving misguided advice on their website and in an inadequate unclear information on their advice line. 
It was a pretty rotten week!
It leads to a lot of time wasting, a miserable customer and a service & product tainted with a bad reputation.
Everyone looses!

That’s why Sarah and I always edge on the side of caution and communicate as honestly and personally as possible with our clients. Many of our items are made to order so clients need to know how long they may have to wait.  And we need to know how quickly the gift is needed. It’s all about communication.

So here are my simple steps to making a client happy.
Please feel free to add your own points that you feel are needed.

-Always be open, be happy. Saying the right thing needs to be said with warmth. Nobody likes a “of course Sir” with a grumpy face.
-Always know about your product. That’s what you are there for.
-Make sure your website, face book page or any reference point for customers is clear & contains accurate information.
-Communicate & acknowledge an order always informing at the beginning of a time frames.
- Acknowledge every email politely and quickly.
-If you cannot for-fill an order because it is out of stock, offer an alternative, or a date that is possible or a refund. Offer an option and normally the client will be happy to wait.
-Always apologise if it is necessary.
-Make contact when the goods have been posted with a tracking number if applicable. That way the client knows to expect it.
-Always wrap what you send in a way you would want to receive it. It makes a big impression. First impressions count!
-Grow & learn from less than 100% feedback. It’s constructive. Make a negative a positive.
-Be happy and like what you do. I shows in your face & your voice!!  Honestly it does. 

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