Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Teacup Tuesday... musings of a small business

Nice and settled with your cuppa? OK this week we've been talking money and laundry piles and people who get us down...

Well as you know, Anna & I run u-ni-k while trying to keep up with all the other jobs a Mum has to do. It makes us tired and sometimes irritable, especially when the world seems to be full of people who just want to make our lives harder... but sometimes a small win makes all the difference.

We take our lovely pieces to craft fairs, and usually our gifts that are under £20 sell really well and people take our details if they are interested in some of our more expensive pieces. This is because, until now, there hasn't been a handheld, mobile card reader to allow us to take card payments.

Missing out on these vital sales has been a bugbear of ours for 12months now. We investigated several possibilities - all of which required us to be online on our own network to work! Then along came a Facebook advert for iZettle.

Woop woop, the little device fits neatly on to an iPhone and the app is amazing! I have been busy loading up our products into our account so that I don't have to waste time typing in the item that the person has bought when invoicing them with the device.

So once the products that the person is buying has been totalled up on the application, the customer hands over their card, I process the payment, they sign the app (using a finger or pencil end) and enter their email address. iZettle will email them a receipt with the full details of what they paid for.

We have an initial £20 transaction credit and will be charged a nominal amount per transaction each time we use it. All I need is a 3G signal that allows the iZettle app to communicate with it's hub.

Fingers crossed that we have some trial 'large' purchases at the Love What We Do event this Friday.

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