Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tea cup tuesday, Mummy Blues

If you’ve been having a blue few days like me, then your realise it’s the simple things that make you smile.
We’ve had no summer, followed by ever so cold weather, followed by more rain, sleet, & snow. So it doesn’t take much to make you dip.

Slowly slowly I’ve been letting the simple things that please me in day-to-day life lift and inspire me. Whether it be making time to make tea in my lovely tea pot, or sitting and enjoying my children rather then running round like a mad women trying to get things done. Who cares if everything isn’t always done. Nobody actually but me!

I have always been a scribbler & a busy bee. I have never been able to just sit and do nothing. 
So my blip has actually added clarity and cleared some space allowing me to look into what actually pleases me.

So apologies for the shorter than normal blog today...I’m off to scribble! Make sure you free up your mind to allow your artistic side or your whatever side you crave for to shine through!

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