Monday, 4 February 2013

Monday maker - inspiration for Sarah Davies

Sarah - Inspiration

Where do you find creative inspiration?

In my Daughter, Kathryn. I love seeing how she plays with her toys and the imaginative world she creates for them. I also love Purl Bee and their amazing array of natural fibres to knit with. I have a Pinterest account that keeps me inspired at all the talented people out there.

Which blogs or magazines do you read regularly and would you count as an inspirational read?

The only magazine I read on a regular basis is the RHS garden magazine, and when I say “regularly” I have 4 unopened ones here looking to be read! I don't have much reading time as a Mum, maker and small business entrepreneur. I of course read the u-ni-k blog on a regular basis!

What makes you different, what inspires you to create unique pieces?

I think I differ from everyone else by thinking of the person who is going to want to play with my creations before I start any! Everyone else looks for a pattern and then probably follows that pattern to the letter. I start by thinking about the textures and feeling that would interest a small child, my squishies are especially designed to have different textures on each arm / leg to that no two are the same. I also think about how dirty play can become (mine has used her's to clean the floor!) but how heartbroken the little one can be in the time it needs to become clean again. So natural fibres like a bamboo / cotton mix is soft on the hand and can be machine washed & tumble dried. I think of all of these design aspects before even picking up my knitting needles!

Many of my designs have come from necessity, something my Daughter wouldn't mind wiping her mouth / dribbles with... the bamboo soft mice - something that could do the job, be easily washed and create a fun activity out of an everyday occurrence. Dribble mice were the obvious answer... squeak squeak... can the mice eat those crumbs?!

My little one had very sensitive skin, so wool was out. I had to look for alternatives, and I went to unravel at the Farnham Maltings, and hey presto... the really soft stuff was bamboo! Who knew?!

I'm currently making a bunny, one of the Bert Bunnies... because here at u-ni-k 

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