Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A look behind the scenes

I'm in our local hospital as you read this, nothing serious just having my back / hip problem looked at by a physio. Why am I telling you this on the blog? Well although we share our business updates & product updates we rarely give you a peek behind the scenes.

Well, I work from home. I tuck myself away in the study / old garage (my desk is white, in a corner and from IKEA). I surround myself with photos & images that inspire me. My family features in them a lot.

My desk is a mess. Full of bits of paper, ribbon, yarn, and pieces my Daughter has given me to keep for her. Actually as I type I can see her 'My First Visit' Disney World badge and a Rabbit headdress she gave me for sake keeping a while back. I keep meaning to make time to tidy my desk...

My professional printer is here beside me as well. This is for my Sarah D Photography image printing. I shall spare you the description of the space between my desk & my husbands desk (he has a space in this room too). Mountains, paper, & junk spring to mind when looking at it though.

I used to have all the stock we currently show / sell at craft fayres tucked away in a corner behind me but Anna came & swooped on that while we were away. So now there's some empty shelves behind me instead.

I can spend upto 4 hours a night sat in here (it's not heated) on my laptop tapping away trying new things for the website / touching up images / trawling through press requests seeing if there is anyone interested in the pieces we do... And that's on the nights that I'm not scheduled as on duty!

My husband usually pops his head around the door about now (2330) to remind me to go to bed at some point.

When I'm not in here on the laptop, then I'm on my phone - checking emails, updating Facebook & Twitter, messaging Anna about my latest thoughts. I put the phone down to take the little one out for an hour or so a day (when she's not a playgroup) and I organise at least one activity for us to do every morning and every afternoon (painting, baking, gardening, modelling with airclay, science experiments... well cornflour and food dye).

In between all of this I try to keep up with my knitting, the house work, putting 2 home made (from scratch) meals on the table, the constant stream of visitors that come to stay, and all the admin that comes with owning a house & garden.

I sometimes wonder how I manage to fit it all in (those who are waiting for me to respond to Candy Crush requests have a LONG wait).

At least there's a Friday Funny to look forward to...

Night All.

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