Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Teacup tuesday... things in twos

Sarah and I have been tackling our end of year accounts. 
This year we have decided to bite the bullet and do as much of it as we can....
hoping that we can do it all. 
After all, we are intelligent ladies. 
We've done the majority of our bookkeeping in the past. So with both of our knowledge of running a small business and project management between us, we have almost mastered it. 
Almost there...

We've used a few tricks of the trade like running the accounts from the bank account and through the help of Paypal downloads. We (I) have made it pretty by colour coding it to simplify things. 
And of course look pretty!

Between us we have mastered it.
Between us we can do anything!

So today I congratulate us and our team work.
Well done us working Mums!


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