Monday, 21 October 2013

Teacup Tuesday... exclusives

Both Anna & I strongly believe in supporting small businesses. We do this through social media support, sharing of our knowledge, and using other small businesses when we want to purchase gifts or cards.

We have spoken before about Small Business Saturday, and shared our thoughts on why people should support small businesses. We find that many of our most ardent supporters are themselves, small business owners.

Most of these people are frequent users of Facebook; this is because most people have a personal Facebook account to keep in touch with close family & friends - and their business page is an extension of their Facebook communication process.

So we've launched an exclusive stocking filler sale on our Facebook page - IF you'd like access to our sale prices (all the items are on sale at full price on the public pages of the website), pop over to our Facebook page & 'Like' us for your chance to see our exclusive pages first!

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