Thursday, 24 October 2013

Knitting time again

Well, wool week has been and gone (don't tell me you missed it?!) but the clocks go back this weekend here in the UK and the mornings & nights will be getting darker. So I've turned back to my knitting needles; it's an activity where I don't need a lot of light. My other hobby, photography, is very dependent upon light so it's this time of year that I pick up my needles and start creating.

Currently I am working on another Bunny... a small challenge as the stitches are very small and I need to concentrate with each clickedy clack of the needle.
After I've finished the bunny, I'll work on a few mice.

I'm retiring the Squishies... Lazy Susan & Big Boss Panda. They've had a good run but it's time they went off into retirement. I think Lazy Susan has bought an apple orchard somewhere and I'm too scared to ask Big Boss Panda what his retirement plans are!

So what to replace the Squishies with?? Well I'll keep my eyes open for something... I've found a hedgehog but I need to know how to crochet for that. Perhaps I'll put some of my knitting knowledge to good use and make something a little more special... I feel a very dinosaur feeling coming on!

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