Monday, 28 October 2013

Monday Maker...Britte & Markus, our wonderful Carpenter duo.

Today we meet Britte & Markus our talented woodcrafters!
(Sarah from u-ni-k has added some typical English grammar otherwise the words are all from Britte & Markus)

One of their lovely children's toy cars

Name: Britta Steinnökel
Year of Birth: 1958
Current City: Borgholzhausen in Germany
Company name: Sternengasse GmbH

How would you describe a typical Sunday?

Breakfast is commonly served on a breakfast board.
The hole is designed to hold a boiled egg.
We like to lie in, wake up slowly and have a leisurely breakfast with our family. Typically we'll do the things we like; read a book, ride our bikes, bake cakes or meet up with our friends & family for a chat over something nice to eat.

And here a quite obvious question: How did you become a talented crafts person / designer? What inspired you to do this?

When I met my husband, he is a carpenter, and I learned to love working with wood. Together we started to build wooden toys and eventually sold them at our local christmas markets. With our own children we learned to love the simple toys.

This beautiful rainbow maker twirls like a
seed blowing in the wind.

Its Fill-in-the-blanks time. So, please fill in the blanks:

I love nature because she gives us power and inspiration 

If I could live anywhere I'd live at my place, an old farmhouse in the country side

If I weren't a designer / maker I'd be a cook

People who like nature will like our creations.

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