Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Teacup tuesday- Displays

As well as running the lovely u-ni-k gifts, I run a little market to help me quench my passion for things made with love and care by talented creators. 
It's a way to envelope myself with inspirational people and their wonderful makings. 
The makers inspire me to get home and get my tools out. To be creative and to be crafty.
To have a go and jump in. 

Not only are they creative in their makings, they are also creative in their lovely displays at the markets I run.
An interesting stall or space invites you to come inside and take a peek.
Invites you to stop and peek, and if allowed to touch and investigate.
It should give an impression of how to use the product and be styled in a simple aesthetic way that makes the products shine.
Here are a few inspirational displays that i LOVE and aspire to. 

Here are a few of the market stallholders wonderful displays too!

Kate Smith Ceramics

Lucy Litchfield's pinnies and cards

Splendid Ocassions

English Handmade Soaps

Feel free to share your wonderful displays. I would love to love them too and PIN them to share what you do!!
Lets inspire each other !

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