Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Christmas lists are good ideas

Many years of buying presents has led me to discover some gift buying guidelines:

  1. Write a list
    Sit down away from shops, TVs, and other distractions. Write down a list of all those people you'll be buying gifts for and a suggested budget for each.
    Now consider each person in turn and pencil in what you think they'd like as a gift.
    Sense chceks on your list:
    Is your idea age specific?
    Check to see if your gift idea fits in your budget!

  2. If unsure ask them if there's anything they'd like
    If you can't ask them, then ask their parents/partner/close friend

  3. Impulse buy at your own peril
    What may seem lovely / cute / funny in the shop may look very different at home away from the other Christmas pieces that surrounded that potential present. Don't be swayed by good window dressing!
    Walk away from an impulse buy and if you still want it by the time you want to head home then pop back and buy it!

  4. If buying something 'everyday' then it should be exquisite 
    [not some supermarket Christmas bulk lot]
    Everyday items can make lovely presents, IF they are special everyday items. Treat people to those extra lovely pieces they wouldn't usually treat themselves.
    Yarmood cashmere jumper-
    not your average knitted jumper!
    [our other lovely cashmere goods can be found here]

  5. Above all present it beautifully!
    A well wrapped present is a gift in itself, my Mother always remarks she doesn't want to unwrap the gift I have given her because it looks so beautiful! Often the gift is appreciated but the beautiful presentation is remembered always.
    All our gifts come gift wrapped free of charge
Don't forget that Christmas is a time for giving and traditionally charities suffer seasonal downturns and they will be receiving fewer donations as our economy shrivels. You can help support a charity by buying one of our gifts from makers that support charities – Shuktara & Nyoki

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