Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The box of treasures


I’ve finally done it!

I’ve managed to find the time to make Ida’s memory box beautiful and personal for her to keep forever and ever.

By searching, cutting, gluing, painting, scribbling and writing I have made Ida a very personal box indeed.
The thought behined it is, 

Inside I have started to collect things that she will hopefully love and cherish. Her first pair of shoes, her first bracelet, the first romper suit i put her in, the Fingerprint jewellery charm that has her 6 month old finger print on, the celebratory cork to celebrate her birth, her  I-d tag from the hospital etc etc.

To these things I hope she adds more happy memories, treasures and oddities that she holds dear.

The outside of the box I planned to be very much only a beginning. By using decoupage, she can add more images or things and people she loves. At present there are out of proportion plants and undergrowth to give it a feeling of searching though the tall grasses at the end of our garden looking for fairies.

If she looks carefully she’ll see her great grandparents and grandparents hiding under the bluebells and toadstools being nosey.

The box itself is made from sustainable alder.

Ida, I hope this box is a start for your collections of all things meaningful and wonderful. 
I hope you like it. With age I hope it will hold lots of secrets, treasured things and good memories.


Mum x

*Once I've made Samson his own little memory box I will be able to make "to order" memory boxes for other Mummies to give to thier little ones too!

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