Thursday, 17 November 2011

Snips and snails, & puppy dog tails...

At the Handcrafted Christmas Market we were asked 'Do you have anything like this but for boys?"

It seems that parents find that the world is catered to little girls rather than little boys, now as I'm a Mummy to a little girl it's hard for me to notice but this week I've tried to see the world through the eyes of a Mummy to a boy... 

Here's what I've noticed:

1. Young boy articles always mention that they develop slower than their female counterparts. Even it it's not part of the article?!
2. Clothing stores dedicate about 1/3 of their space and stock to boys [not the 1/2 it should be!]
3. Boys clothes seem to be placed furthest away from any doors, tills, and usually in narrow spaces behind the little girls tights.
4. Boys toys are all aimed at traditional manual labour roles or uniforms - policemen, firemen, building blocks, work benches....
5. If you want to dress you son in anything other than blue, brown or green... Good Luck!

Now we already have a page dedicated to gifts for boys (click here), many of them would also be appropriate for girls... infact a wooden car is a favourite of my daughter!

However since the Welsh Mummy asked for some nursery pictures for her sons... I've put pen to paper and created some images of dragons, dinosaurs and of course Fred the Rabbit just for you boys!

Welsh Dragons eat English castles
for breakfast!
Fred the hungry bunny!

The baby dinosaur pictures haven't been painted yet but once they are I'll post up on our Facebook page!

All the finished pictures will be mounted and available to purchase at this weekend's Christmas Fayre in Farnham!

Date: Saturday 19th November
Times: 10.30-3pm

The Rural Life Centre is on Reeds Road halfway between Frensham and Tilford 

(follow the brown tourist signs).

Farnham and A31 - 3 miles
Milford and A3 - 6 miles
Hindhead and A3 - 6 miles
from M3 jct. 4 - A331/A31.

Free Admission

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