Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Try to never break that routine!!!

Oh my goodness…never again!

As I have said before in my "Put a plug in it" blog, my daughter is and has always been a fairly good sleeper.

UNTILL routine is broken.


With the first fayres under our belts my brood stayed at Grandma’s house for a night to make things easier for me. What-a-mistake-a-to-make!


Ida who has had 3 bedrooms in the 18 months she has been alive due to us moving house, should be good at adapting and sleeping anywhere! And normally she would be fine. But unfortunately she has reached the age where these little things do matter. Not in her room, not in her bed, not  her house, not her normal routine. 

So far, one nights worth of making my life simpler by staying away from home has resulted in 4 days worth of unsettled sleeping for my whole family.

The day time nap has stopped. If i try she screams like a banshee. At bedtime she tries everything to delay getting into bed. A book to read Mummy, Mummy cuddles, more mummy cuddles, asking for somthing to eat and another book Mummy. When she is finally put in her cot the screaming banshee returns.

I wouldn't mind her dropping her day time nap if i felt she didn't need it but she becomes frustrated by 11am and then the temper comes out to play. Not fun for her, me or her little brother who felt the wrath of her anger the other evening when she decided to bite him. And to make it worse the little minx smiled at me just before she bent down to kiss him....and bit him instead!!

SO never again will I make my life easier. From this day forward I will make sure that my little ones lives are kept simple and routines are kept where possible. 

Here's hoping that Ida's good fairy, Victoria will have a quiet word with my daughter and get her sleeping again, and back to normal.

Fingers crossed x

Infact everything is crossed!

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