Saturday, 26 November 2011

What kind of shopper are you?

OK so 'black Friday' has been and gone... not sure why the start of the Christmas shop rush is called 'Black Friday' but hey ho! I understand that Christmas shopping might not be for everyone, so here's a little bit of light hearted fun at the expense of us shoppers:

What kind of shopper are you?

Organised (Shopperbi listus)
Usually seen checking labels while clutching a piece of paper in hand. These shoppers have a list, probably printed out from a spreadsheet, and they know exactly what they want.
Gift type => Practical, sensible well thought out gifts

Impulse (Itsperfecti buyits)
These shoppers are a bit like learner drivers, prone to stopping suddenly. Shopping and indeed just browsing is a pleasure for these shoppers.
Gift type => It's a lucky dip. Some gifts will be lovely, some just way out there

Choosey (Difficulti decidus)
You've seen these shoppers, they have one of each items in hand. To the untrained eye these two items look identical but to a choosey shopper there are slight variations that need to be examined before the purchase selection is made.
Gift type => Gift vouchers, they just couldn't choose

Researcher (Readeri reviewus)
Men are usually this type of shopper, unable to read the instructions for the purchase because they've spent 10 weeks reading reviews, forums and stats on their purchase before actually buying the item.
Gift type => Electrical gifts, something with a blue light probably. Or something from Apple!

Bargin hunter (Shopperbi offerus)
Traditionally found bartering in boot fairs, these shoppers can now be found in the 'Clearance' section of large shops or shops dedicated to items for less.
Gift type => Gives many gifts, it's quantity not quality with these guys.

Reluctant (Ratheri notshopus)
Not really a shopper but this type can be found paired up with one of the other types thus making them shoppers by proxy. These will be spotted with a glazed look or stood deeply engrossed in their smartphone (especially if their partner is of the 'research' type).
Gift type => Unknown. They give up and leave it to their partner!

Now most people swap between types; I'm a 'Choosey' when food shopping, 'Reluctant' when clothes or shoe shopping but 'Organised' when Christmas shopping!

Whatever kind of shopper you are, remember to buy your gifts in plenty of time for wrapping for Christmas! Or buy at where we gift wrap it for you... order now to receive your gift before Christmas.

Sarah xxx


  1. Oh gosh I'm definitely organised for food shopping (list, with menu plan on the back, and calculator in hand). But a researcher when it comes to christmas (I do love an Amazon review) with odd moments of impulse.

  2. My lovely husband is a researcher... it drives me crazy! Not that he was my inspiration for Reader-I Review-us [much]. I try not to impulse buy especially in fabric / wool shops!