Monday, 21 November 2011

A little bit of vintage

My Mum is selling the family home for something smaller so she’ll be more comfortable. So we have had many a weekend towelling through the loft, garage, cupboards and cubbyholes, editing, dumping, recycling and renovating the contents of the past 30+ years. 

While emptying the loft last weekend, we found lots and lots of treasures that were BIG parts of our childhood. I bought many home to look after till Mum settles into her new abode. When she gets set up properly they’ll all be bought back to the 2nd bedroom or as it will be newly re-named- the "Grandchildren’s" room. Actually, Ida's room!! First Grand child and all that!

I’ve taken a few pictures of the beautiful toys that originated with my sisters and I. I am so happy to know that my children are enjoying and will continue to enjoy the toys, games and books that I hold special memories of using.
Next year we are hoping to bring a new section to u-ni-k, of nostalgic and vintage treasures. We have a wonderful lady called Katey who is a magpie and collector of all things old and wonderful that will be helping us to find treasures to make us all swoon.

So remember to buy gifts that will last this Christmas. 
Gifts that will continue to create smiles and laughter even after the little ones that they were intended for have grown up and out grown them.


  1. This entry really made me want to delve into the depths if my parent's loft to see what treasures are up there! Beautifully written, and brought back lovely memories of my old toys.
    Lots of love Alison xXx

  2. Glad you enjoyed it....let us know what treasures you find!! We'd LOVE to see them! Being treasure hunters and magpies ourselves!