Friday, 4 November 2011

Friday Funny

I had a blog planned for today but have decided to switch it for a little light hearted funny instead. After a week of a teething toddler and a teething colicky 13 week old, I am a little frayed around the edges. Today was the first day I have managed to leave the house.

This week, my little naughty has taken it upon herself to watch mummy intently and learn all about being a Mummy. She raids my cupboards and finds jugs to put her cup in just like I do with her little brothers bottles when cooling them. She puts Mr. Elephant in the bumbo and feeds him with dollies bottle and then wipes his mouth just like I do with her little brother. When I have my hands full she even rocks her little brother on his bouncer to calm the teething cries (yet to see her do this with Mr. Elephant). 

For those of you who know me, you know this story already, so I apologise. 
Yesterday I took my eyes off the naughty for a minute, as she was happily playing with Mr. Elephant as her little brother slept in his bouncer. Both had just had a bottom change so the change mat was sat in the middle of the lounge. I heard her tottering around and as I turned round was alarmed to find Mr. Elephant covered in Sudocream ready for his nappy to go on. Wet wipes had been used to clean him and he was laid exactly where he should be…(I wish she sat as still for me). She realised I had seen the results of her playing and with a look of worry, “wahed”. I didn’t tell her off as I was actually impressed by her efforts. I simply took the nappy that sat beside him and showed her how to put it on. Obviously the nappy lasted about ten minutes before she wanted it off again. We cleaned him up and then when she wasn’t looking I popped him in the washing machine on a fast wash and spin.

Maybe a time to start potty training?

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