Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The little party dress

Every little girl deserves a party dress to wear and feel the bee’s knee’s in.
The very lucky Danger baby and Naughty have an Annafie dress each that us Mummies have chosen with the help of both our terror’s.

The naughty, with her Mummies help, chose an Annafie, Amelie in blue flowers for her party dress to wear to her first proper party. The "do" was a civilised afternoon tea for her Aunty Flo’s hen do. She behaved impeccably with her aunties, aunty Flo’s friends, Grandma and Mum all looking on, while she happily munched her way through delicate sandwiches, scones and little pastries.  

While tea was served she played peekabo with Aunty Katie.

She read books with Mummy 
while tea was slurped and the 
nattering started.

She span around and danced while the ladies munched their sandwiches. She played Silvanian families while scones with cream and jam were scoffed. 

She ate afew naughty cakes while the silly stories were told.

And she even managed to get us all playing hide and seek while the little naughty sweet pastries were nibbled by all. The end of the day had everyone singing “The wheels on the bus” while we tried to make her smile for photo’s. 

By the end of the day when she was sleepy and played out she curled up like a sleeping lion with Aunty Katie.
The perfect day and the perfect little dress for a very good little girl. The perfect gift from Mummy to daughter.

All Annafie dresses are  hand smocked making them perfect for every little girls body shape. They all follow a traditional design and are perfect for today's little girls. Either worn like Ida's or worn with wellies to puddle jump in. For pre-walkers and tom-boy’s, Annafie will even make a romper style in one of the pretty floral fabrics to make it easier for crawling around. 
We hope you find your perfect dress like Ida has. 
Later this week i'll tell you what Danger baby does in her Annafie dress!

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