Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A SECRET something for a very special girl

Making things personal means making things extra special. 
So when an order for a personalised memory box bleeped up on my computer, as always I was thrilled. After all, that’s why Sarah and I do what we do. We struggled to find extra special, unique things that went that extra mile when our little ones were tiny. 
Hence why u-ni-k was born! 
A gift to make you feel special and cherished.

As always, I contact the client to ask if any special message should be chosen on the gift, or a special colour theme should be incorporated into the theme .To add a little extra special touch. Once this was decided upon, I tore, stuck, pasted, cut, sewed and painted…it suddenly dawned on me how I could make the little box for a very special girl even more special. When making the personalised Teddy memory boxes, I decoupage the teddy from a baby naming book. Choosing the correct page with babies name on to make the special teddy from. While making a new special teddy for this special box, I read a little about the origin of her fore and middle name, as I always do. When choosing my own children’s names the meaning was as important as the name itself.

The little girl I was making a box for has a forename and middle name with a beautiful meaning. 
Bird and Cloud.

On reading the meanings, I was taken aback as to how two beautifully chosen names could work so well together. 

A bird and a cloud. 
A perfect pairing.

But how to in cooperate the meaning secretly into a Teddy Box without making it over bearing or crowded.

A secret personalisation.

I hope the Mummy and Daddy who have treated their new baby to a special box like the hidden personalisation I have added to their daughter’s special box.

It’s been made with love and I know it will be given with much more.

With Love X


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