Thursday, 20 September 2012

Christmas Lists... what's on yours?!

Some of the Mummies are starting to panic... OMG under a 100 days til Christmas. Quick... errrr what to buy... what to buy?! They're sharing lists all over Twitter, Forums, Facebook...

Now you would think that I have this all wrapped up! Pretty much.

Babies I know are being treated to a lovely Shuktara blanket if they don't have one.

Those that do will find a rainbow maker in their stocking from me!

Little boys can look forward to opening up a lovely little wooden car

The little girls will be over joyed with their pull along bobbing rabbit

The older monsters will find a luxury cashmere jumper to snuggle up in over the cold winter months!

Those that have started school will have the best present of all, their very own symbol of being a big kid... their own coat rack put up at their height so they can get and put on their own coats when it's time to go out and jump in puddles!

Not leaving out the big kids....I don't think Mr. Moose would look out of place in Daddy DayCare's study... he could look over the bar keeping a careful watch on Daddy DayCare's special beers!

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