Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Babies born in the Summer of 2012

What a Summer it's been here in GB, the wettest on record but also a golden summer of sport!

First we had the Jubilee celebrations that ignited the Great British Community Spirit! Suddenly neighbours were out in the street together, holding street parties reminiscent of the post war victory parties we see old photographs of in history books. Many streets have avowed to party together at least once a year such was the success of the Jubilee parties!

Then came the wettest summer on record. Endless and endless days and nights of rain. People took to the internet to enquire about ark builders, and farmers worried about their crops. In fact the price of food has risen sharply this autumn as farmers struggle with their worst harvest of the decade.

Finally the rain broke and the Olympics were upon us, with big hopes of medal success the nation rallied behind both the Olympians and Paraolympians alike. Neither GB team disappointed, exceeding their medal target and making themselves modern day heroes and legends. Many names seemingly unknown prior to the Olympics are now household celebrities (Laura Trott, Greg Rutherford, David Weir to name but a few).

In the background, Great Britian has struggled with an economic recession that has created one in seven high street shops to close down. It's been a tough market for retailers, even those retailers that are online with the Telegraph reporting online sales down 13%. Luckily people are still treating the new arrivals to a u-ni-k gift this summer, making an extra special effort to welcome them to the world with a blanket or memory box.

So it has been a mixed Summer for those babies of 2012, they have many memorable moments to treasure in their baby books or baby memory boxes. Some of which will last several lifetimes as they sit their Grandchildren on their knee to tell them about the great summer of 2012.

Make sure your summer memories are treasured with one of our memory boxes, personalised to your requirements!

Silver memories of the golden summer!

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