Thursday, 6 September 2012

Small is Lovely

We make bespoke gifts for small people. 
Gifts, that like the children they are given to, grow more wonderful with age.
Gifts for small people made in a small and special way.

We work with independent makers who make with love. Most of our products are made especially for us. Every maker is special and part of the u-ni-k family. They are treasures just like the gifts they make and the people they make them for.

We have a Potter,
A Seamstress,
A Carpenter,
A Quilter,
A Silversmith,
A Illustrator,
A Knitter,
A Writer
And a bespoke Printer
To name but a few.

All who produce gifts for u-ni-k are makers not manufacturers. Therefore each piece is a one off 
-made with hands with love for little people.

Many of our makers have small children and know how important those extra special gifts made with care are for child and parent. Gifts that can be cherished and will become  treasured heirlooms. 
Gifts for this generation and the next, made with the best ingredients of exquisite materials all mixed with love.

Every present is gift wrapped in our special furoshiki wrapping. Made to Wow the small recipient as much as the gift does.
Many of our gifts can be personalised and made to order to make them extra special for the people they are made for.

Our gifts are well thought gifts. Our gifts have the WOW factor. You won't find many of our exclusive gifts anywhere else.

Every gift we post we are proud to say it is a u-ni-k gift. 

Gifts that are small, special treasures, for treasured small people.


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  2. Thank you for your lovely comment.
    Think of us when you do your Christmas shopping! We'll be happy to help you.
    Anna & Sarah