Monday, 3 September 2012

Monday mentor... Nursery workers / child carers!

Hair brushed, shoes on,
ready to go!
Today I've waved off DangerBaby for her first full day of 'school'. She trotted off without a backward glance to a day full of painting, stories, and a world outdoor fun with children her own age.

I'm left a gibbering wreck imaging my child is crying wondering why her parents have abandoned her in a strange place with strangers! First day(s) away from your child is hard on the parent and the parents much harder to settle than the child, something every nursery worker / child carer must know!

Byeee Mummy!
Luckily we've had two settling in sessions where I have had plenty of time to meet DangerBaby's keyworker and understand a little about how they settle upset children.

Our key worker had a prepared list of questions and listened with interest to me gabble on about everything I could think that she could possibly need to know.

They also provided me with a comprehensive booklet to fill out so they could learn more about my child from me, without me gibbering on and staying there for days on end.

I'm trying very hard to be brave, to walk away and leave DangerBaby to grow into her new role of a fully fledged nursery toddler. I know that by running in to her calls will only hold her back, I know she needs the routine and company of children her own age... I know the shock of being without me will pass soon to be surpassed by the joy of new things... I know this but my heart tells me to run back in to the nursery and comfort my child. [Who I imagine to be crying her heart out not playing happily...]

Let me in!!!
[at the school gate]
It's these moments that every nursery worker / child carer must dread. The parents that can't let go who come running back to re-affirm the child's belief that if they cry hard and loud a parent will turn up.

What happens on the day that  they don't? Probably further distress from the child who doesn't understand that this time Mummy hasn't come back. This now  has to be dealt with by the nursery worker, who also has to settle her other charges who have become upset when the other child started to cry.

So I'm being brave. I've turned the radio up loud and I'm not listening to my inner Mummy voice. After all, there's another Sarah out there now having to deal with my risk taking, blonde force of nature. I think she has enough to worry about without me adding my ten pence worth.

Good Luck Sarah. Keep an eye on my baby... she'll soon have you running around trying to keep up with her!

Not even a backward glance...


  1. First day is always the hardest! She will have a ball.. its always harder on the mummy - I recommend some restorative chocolate. x

  2. You've raised a confident little girl. It's so much better for them to run in without a backwards glance. Not great for mummy but in the long run better than having to deal with a clinger!! Well done Sarah. It's full on treadmill now. x

  3. Exactly my feelings for next week, i am stocking on tissues trying not to think that my "baby" is now a little boy that needs his friends' company more than mummy's . Hopefully it won't be long before we all settle in a routine where our children can have fun without us, and we can be ourselves again, not just mamma xx

  4. Thanks Ladies! So hard to be brave, especially when she was upset when I picked her up!! More tomorrow but not 8-5 this time... Maybe 10 til 2? As a break?!