Monday, 24 September 2012

Monday Mentor: Craft Blog UK

Both Sarah and I dip in and out of this super duper blogging guru's Facebook home page. We even follow her tweeting antics,  her tips and recommendations. She showcases, promotes and shares marketing information to Crafters helping them grow their own business. A totally free and priceless tool to small business's like u-ni-k. 

Craft Blog UK is written by Digital Marketing Consultant / Blogger Hilary Pullen. Hilary specialises in community management, including creating and maintaining social media accounts as well as blog editing and content writing. She runs a website called Craft Blog UK, celebrating craft bloggers and the UK's handmade market. She uses her experience to write and share free tips and tutorials for successful online promotion of start up craft businesses.

Hillary studied architecture at Plymouth University where she developed her writing skills and excelled in creating and communicating design concepts. Her background experience as customer service manager for a multi-client telemarketing agency, account executive for a large advertising agency and pa to a successful glass maestro, have been invaluable in her recent role as community manager for a growing online marketplace with a large and varied user base. 

Quite honestly some of the tips Hilary has shared U-ni-k HQ has found priceless. Thank you Hilary for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

Find CraftUKblog on Facebook  and Twitter : CraftBlogUK

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