Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Knit to order...?!

While in Germany I received a message from Anna. "Get your knitting needles out we've had an order for a Lazy Susan" or something along those lines...

So on my return home I tried to contact my supplier of bamboo/cotton mix yarn... To no avail. As far as I can tell they seem to have gone out of business! Eeek!

A quick pop to my local small yarn shop and I have an equivalent yarn, which while not as pink it is softer than before. I pick up my needles and start to cast on...

Just as I'm finishing off the body I pop a quick email to our lovely customer to let her know how things are coming along... which is when I learn that the piggy is a birthday present for a young man on Tuesday!

This means that I have 4 days less than I thought to knit the piggy and pop in the post to make sure the  young man has his piggy on his birthday! YIKES!

Having already moved a bunny from the needles, I stayed up late on Friday night and late on Saturday night to finish off the Piggy. On Sunday I finally put down the knitting needles and picked up my embroidery needle. By Sunday afternoon I was done.

5 days of hard work later...


Now I have some of this pink yarn left... perhaps a new dress for the bunny I'm knitting?

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