Monday, 11 July 2011

All work and no play makes mumprenuers dull people...

Yesterday Anna and I had a rare 'day off' from all things u-ni-k; we were meeting with our NCT group to celebrate our babies being 1 (ok that was a few months ago but scheduling conflicts meant that we were unable to meet until July). We had a fab fun filled day at Mizens Miniature Railway, Knaphill, Surrey. In fact I'm not sure who had more fun, us or the babies!

It was lovely to see everyone and the little ones have changed so much! In what seemed like a short space of time, everyone went from crawling to walking, from wispy hair to a full head of curls, and a few teeth to beaming smiles. The time passes so quickly at this age, if we don't see someone for a few weeks then they change from baby to kiddy in the blink of an eye.

So our babies have gone, they're now a full set of independent young ladies (and one happy go lucky gentleman... well he has to be with so many women in his life) ready to take on the new playground that is the world. If I'm not careful I'll miss some of it.

I know I am a work from home Mummy ('WFHM') but starting a new business means that I spend every spare moment I have working on the business; new webpages (I'm in the middle of re-doing the website), new makers, new tweeters, press enquiries, new photos of the stock , web images to be photo shopped, making those calls to Anna's voicemail re: this and that.. and checking the sales email inbox.. It's a never ending list of tasks to do around the normal Wife and Mummy jobs.

So all the “me” time that I used to have to read, knit, garden, exercise (oh how I miss swimming), even those hours I used to have to talk to Daddy DayCare, have disappeared recently. And I have it easy, Anna has a day job, a new house and garden to spruce up, a big boy bump and a toddling about Naughty who likes to hide her Mr. Elephant at the first opportunity. So as a new Mumprenuer she has more than enough on her hands, she's a true shining bonafide example of a SuperMum.

So how do we do it? Well here's our advice for all future Mumprenuer's out there:
  • be a great multi-tasker
  • only worry about the stuff you have the power to change
  • don't sweat the small stuff

Above all remember: All Work And No Play Makes Mumprenuer's Dull People!

Little ones having a lovely day!


  1. Bless You
    Which basically means Sarah that our houses never get cleaned but we are all smiling!!!!!

  2. Sort of... when the little one is learning to write her name in the dust you know it's my house!