Monday, 4 July 2011

u-ni-k gifts, inclusion in the Harden's new version of “London Baby Guide”

If your soon to be or already are a parent then I suggest you get the following book.
Harden’s London Baby Guide by Kate Calvert.

I was given a copy before I got pregnant with Ida so mine is well used and loved with, I am ashamed to say, lots of turned down edges, highlighted pages and post it notes attached with my scribbles. The London baby guide is jam packed full of helpful places, people, organizations, classes and information that you need when you are pregnant or have a child. As the label states-“all the practical information you need from pregnancy to age 3”. I used mine when I was preparing to have baby, when baby was born and needed to learn more and as a shopping guide for the best shops for clothes, gifts and specialist goods. The book has given me advice on everything from advice on NHS versus private, home versus hospital, breast versus bottle with an amazing consumer guide to beat!

The writer, Kate Calvert is gorgeous and has kindly been giving me lots of advice in the set up of u-ni-k gifts. After several years of travelling freelance and contributing to publications from in-flight magazines to travel trade titles, Kate begun to focus on “travel with children”, with her extensive knowledge of child friendly travel worldwide, ranging from adventure holidays to self catering to the availability of childcare. Kate set up her travel friendly website in 2001 as a independent resource for parents. The site has been listed as one of the world’s most useful websites. She has also written for the Independant, Families Magazine and Kidz.

When my baby boy bump finally arrives and we decide to venture afar with our new family we will certainly be using Kate’s guide to help us along the way.
In the meantime, we at u-ni-k are very pleased to say that the lovely Kate will be adding u-ni-k  gifts in the next publication of the book. Release date tbc.

Hurray for us!

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