Thursday, 14 July 2011

Our first Daddy made maker, Be inspired Daddies…Mummies…Grannies and Granddaddies!!!

At last…we have found a brilliant Daddy maker and he has agreed to become one of u-ni-k’s family of makers.
His products are in the pipeline and will take a while to be shown on the website but both Sarah and I are thrilled that we have a Daddy at last.

When we started u-ni-k gifts, as "want to be" creative people ourselves, we know how special it is to make or receive a gift that has been made and selected with love and thought. We decided from the very beginning, where possible, we would try and encourage and source other parents to make for our website. We have a very new Mummy, ceramicist Helen Beard who had baby Yannick 4 months ago. Mum of 5 boys Joanna Sloane of the Old Rectory and soon to be mum of two, her sister Stephanie Sloane add to the list. We even have a Granddad, Mr Richard Ord who makes our gorgeous silver keepsake nappy pins for us.  I am sure Mr Ord’s Grandchildren all have treasures that he has made with his own hands that they will cherish forever.

So…while we wait for our new Daddy maker to produce the beauties he is well known for…we call to all other Mummy and Daddies to be inspired and show us your wears!!!
We are always looking for new, unique or exquisite gifts to add to our trove of treasures. We hope that by finding creative parents and grandparents to make for u-ni-k, we will always ensure that the gifts we promote are extra special.

As Sarah reminds me frequently…..Mummies can do it!
So Can Daddies…Granddaddies, Grannies………an on, an on.

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