Tuesday, 26 July 2011

An extra special type of unique!

We have found our first “exclusive” for u-ni-k gifts. Or rather she found us on twitter! In line with our unique (u-ni-k) philosophy and hand print logo we have a gorgeous jeweller to add to our happy list of makers.

She is the lovely Louise of Little Silver Touches who makes personalised, handmade fingerprint jewellery in 99.9 % fine sterling silver. Mum of two, Louise works independently and every piece is handmade by her with love and care. Each piece made is as unique as every person’s different fingerprint, handprint and footprint. Working independently means the are very few constraints, therefore within reason, anything is possible, just ask!

Every mum, dad and grandparent, treasures the tininess of our babies when they arrive.  I remember thinking Ida had the smallest feet I had ever seen and knowing that I had to capture this smallness quickly before she grew.
As a non-jewellery wearer myself even I couldn’t resist buying a charm with Ida’s fingerprint on at 6 months of age for myself. I even splashed out and bought a pair of cufflinks for my partner for father’s day, which he cherishes and wears whenever he can.

The making process is very simple. A moulding putty is used to take the imprint, or dimple in very small children’s cases (as there finger prints are less definite until they are 12 months old). This is done in the comfort of your own home by you and then sent on to be made into the jewellery piece of your choice. Whether it be cufflinks, charm, necklace pendant, key ring or bracelet.
Handprints and foot prints are taken slightly differently with an inkless wipe kit, which is completely harmless to your little ones, skin. 

I had Ida’s name and her age added to my charm so I would always remember how tiny she was and I will hopefully be adding to my charm collection when BIG boy bump arrives.

Louise is currently working on a collection especially for us that we look forward to showing you very soon! In the meantime we have added our favourite pieces to the u-ni-k gifts website to share with you all.

Go and take a peek!

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