Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ohhh a name, the pressure of a name...(Kim in Pretty Woman)

As Anna's big boy bump nears his arrival date (in your own time Big Boy Bump, no rush...), there must be several conversations about names in the Matthews household. Now The Naughty has a lovely name, she's the only Ida we know and we love that it means 'hardworking' (in it's original German form) but I like to think of her as 'prosperous and happy' (the old English form).
How do you follow a name like Ida?! Well the office of national statistics released their top boys names for this year, and Oliver, Jack, Harry, Alfie and Charlie are all still in the top 10. 
Chart of the top five boys' names
I'm hedging my bets here but I think none of those names are on their list.
But to help them out, here are a few websites that have baby name suggestions, meanings and spellings:
Choosing a baby's name is a very hard thing to do, I mean this is the name this person is going to have all their life (unless of course they change it). This name has to survive all the trials and tribulations that young children, teenagers and call centre staff trying to add you to their system can throw at it. You have to be so careful, I know a Benjamin Dover... yes really, Ben is a lovely fella but his parents just didn't think it through... Ben Dover. 
So with the minefield of the playground and the battlefield of call centre staff in mind, here are a few websites to visit once you think you have a name sorted out: - Has a drawbacks shows the nicknames that the child could have.
And if the Matthews household is still short on ideas:
Hopefully I've provided some food for thought there. However, as I said to Anna; it'd be great it the name could start with a U or an N. We have the I for Ida and the K for Kathryn....
Ulysses, that's the kind of name that can follow a show stopper like Ida!!! Come on Anna... what do you think?!

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