Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A day in the life of our Shuktara blanket.

Anna and I truly believe in the products and makers we have working with us on u-ni-k. So much so that we use, treasure and love the u-ni-k pieces we have ourselves. Today's blog is all about DangerBaby and her Shuktara blanket.

We don't have a name for our blanket, everything is “DaDah!” at the moment, unless she's trapped her fingers in a drawer / cupboard / something she knows she's not allowed to play with and then it's “mummmmmMa”. So for ease of reading we'll call it “blanket” from hereonin.

Blanket is usually waiting for DangerBaby on the sofa bed in her room, we're currently not sleeping with a blanket as it's warm and she wakes up hot and upset if we put one in with her at night. So on the sofa it sits waiting for the little toddling feet to run over and throw her face into it to appreciate the softness. It's then up and out of there dragged with Bunny Bunny off to a bathroom or a bedroom to empty all the drawers. Downstairs for CBeebies and breakfast!

After the hour struggle to remove Bunny Bunny and Blanket off DangerBaby, it's shower and clothes time . Back downstairs to hoover, clean the kitchen, empty all the kitchen cupboards – if she hides under Blanket then I obviously can't see her empty the cupboards... and if I can then it's obviously Bunny Bunny that I caught...hmmmm, some more 'run amok' type activities and then lunch.

After our lunctime nap, we go out on an adventure. Blanket comes in the car as the settler with noisy book (DangerBaby has always hated the car. Screamed from the very first day we put her in a car, a little better now but boy I used to be house bound). I say adventure – usually a trip to Tesco or the post office, in a trolly blanket becomes the soft cushion on DangerBaby's back, offering protection from the hard trolly when she turns to see the other children go whizzing past.

Back home to play in the garden, Blanket is at its best here. A tent one minute, a theatre curtain the next, a soft landing from the slide, a princess headdress for peekaboo, a table cloth for tea time with teddy, something soft to wipe those gardening hands with. A quick afternoon snack with blanket and Bunny Bunny before Bedtime Hour begins and supper.

The long struggle to remove Blanket and Bunny Bunny from DangerBaby starts after Supper as it's bath, story and bedtime for our tired little girl. Bunny Bunny goes in the cot but Blanket goes on the sofa bed, waiting for the start of another lovely day.

Peek a boo Mummy!!

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