Monday, 25 July 2011

Laughter with tears!

Sarah and I have been having a bit of a time of it over the past few days. Somebody has stolen our daughters and replaced them with little monsters that refuse to sleep. There must be something in the air!

Being a Mum you are always learning…always being tested by your little ones. You get yourself into a little routine and start to feel comfortable only for them to  “change” what they do, what they want and what they need and chaos’s occurs!
This weekend I was truly tested by my daughter…who screamed herself to sleep on Saturday night after a day of tantrums and tears from both her and I. Sleeping is obviously cheating at the moment.
At the end of my tether, as Daddy is either working all the overtime he can or trying to get our new house into some type of habitable order before baby 2 pops out, I was literally at rocking, pulling my hair out stage. Infact at one point I found myself staring off into space in a trance like state, as if my body was protecting me from the screams!

So, during a good moment on Saturday when Ida was eating, (for those who know her, know my daughter is a food piggy, loves everything, eats everything…. oink oink!) she pulled a “scared stiff silly face” as the washing machine violently spun its final spin. She has always found the washing machine on spin hysterical.  I looked up tired expecting a grumpy face or a tantrum erupting and instead was awarded this silly expression, which then turned into giggles and laughter from both her and I!  We laughed and we laughed until we cried!

It’s the little nuggets of happiness tears and laughter that make horrible days like that bearable!

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