Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My Rant of the day- Girls in Pink

Ok, you’ve all been warned. I have had one of those days that can only be resolved with a good old rant!

To all of you who know me I hate pink. Probably from my University Art school  years when I went through a very late pink phase and wore head to toe pink. Pink Flairs with embroidered flowers, lacey pink top and I even put pink flowers in my hair. As a result I have an aversion to baby girls in pink.  When Ida was born I struggled with the reasoning why all high street shops were filled with  various shades of pink baby girls clothes. From hot pink, through puce and all the way to palest baby pink. Don’t get me wrong, in moderation pink can be sweet, lovely even. But why oh why is there never any thing to go with pink clothes other than more pink clothes! Therefore parents are forced to dress their children head to toe in various shades for a easy life! In my opinion, and it is my opinion, not the opinion of u-ni-k, it just shouldn’t be done!

Please please don’t be offended if you have ever bought Ida pink as a gift. She actually looks very sweet in it and on the rare occasions that her Dad or Grandma get her dressed for the day she is normally given her pink dose. So don’t fear, she does get her quota of girlie pink days.

Don’t think I’m one of those Mummies who will dictate to her children what they should or shouldn’t wear. When Ida is able to choose, I am actually quite looking forward to the day she puts weird combinations together and mismatches her own outfits.  I will even encourage it. I actually can’t wait for the day that she wants to wear her Spiderman outfit shopping! And if  she chooses head to toe pink clothes one day so be it! But while I do her shopping we have a pink free zone.

Before u-ni-k was concocted and was still a small seed growing in our minds, me being the stubborn and unconformist person I am, wanted only gender-neutral clothes on the web site. Obviously that is pretty much impossible and impractical. Firstly, that would make life very boring. Secondly, not everyone is of the same opinion as me. And thirdly, when I saw those gorgeous floral prints on the pretty hand smocked dresses by Annafie, I couldn’t resist. So although I can’t promise there will be much pink on the u-ni-k website (Sarah would have to rugby tackle me to floor to get too much chosen and ordered) I can promise that there will be girlie pretty pretty florals. So although pink isn’t really my cup of tea, I am very partial to florals!!!

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