Friday, 1 July 2011

A surprise gift that really means something and will last a lifetime!

A fellow Mummy and good friend of ours is currently trying to sell her house (if people aren't going to learn from us then we let them learn from their own mad mistakes, we're all big enough to know better but hey ho who am I to say that moving house with a wobbly toddler is a great idea?! I digress). So we've offered to hide her and the Italian Stallion (see earlier blog post about who we gave chicken pox to) while their house is viewed by potential buyers.

It's always a pleasure to have the little one around, he plays nicely with DangerBaby (some of the time) and makes such a fuss over Daddy DayCare when he comes home that it makes Daddy DayCare wish we had two little people instead of just one. It goes without saying that the welcome company of another first time mother is always a joy, we can share burdens and see what each other does to feed /chastise /encourage the little ones. It's mainly trial and error and it's nice to see other people do things the way you do. A good conversation about nappy contents over a cup of tea and a bit of cake puts everyone at ease.

We try as much as possible to make them feel at home and part of the family (yep it's a surprise they still come over) and we drive them around (the bend) on crazy adventures when we feel like looking at something other than the house and garden. Something I think any good friend should do.

So it was a heart warming moment when, Italian Stallion's Mummy handed over a beautiful cross stitched name plate for DangerBaby. Made and framed by her good self, it was really lovely and surprising to receive such a gift. Real time and thought went into the making of the name plate, and it's something that DangerBaby will appreciate as she grows. She may even be asking for one for her little one, from her favourite Italian Momma in a few years time! It may turn out to be the handmade gift that keeps on giving! If we manage to persuade her to use her talents for others we'll be glad to have her as one of our u-ni-k makers!

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