Wednesday, 14 March 2012

About Me

Designer and illustrator Terese Öman had given up on ever finding the perfect gift for a little newborn. She was looking for a baby record book, like the one she had as a toddler, only more modern and fun rather than just cute. 
She simply decided to design her own. 
The result: My Best Book About Me. 
This is a colourful, innovative book that inspires you to write about your little ones.
Although the book is built around the traditional “first steps”, the language and illustrations are imaginative, bright and humorous. It covers the time from pregnancy through to the 5th year. 

Page titles include :

• What was I like? My personality from baby to the age of 5. What do we argue about during my terrible two's ?

• What I used to eat – one can’t exactly like everything. What I find yummy and what I refuse to eat!

• My favourite things – dummy or thumb? Friends and others I like. My favourite clothes, films and books. What music gets me dancing?

• My Family - The family tree, great grandparents, grandparents... 

• And lots more

There is even pockets in the back of the book for first drawings, precious keepsakes and notes that must be kept safe.

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