Friday, 23 March 2012


It’s almost Easter so I’ve been thinking about making this Easter a special one for my two little ones by starting a new family tradition. An Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday is of course a must, but something new that our family does every year. Even when I’m old and grey.
I’ve bleated on about all the gifts we have on our website that are chocolate free and gorgeous as an alternative Easter gift. And if the naughties are lucky enough they may get something special from the Easter bunny from unik.  

But what I wanted to start tradition wise, being a paint it, glue it and generally encourage my children to get messy type of Mum, was something that we can make together.  Like decorating the tree at Christmas.
So inspired by something that I used to do with a very lovely best friend when I was 10 or so, and after stumbling across something similar in the book "Homemade" by Ros Badger and Elspeth Thompson, I have decided that we will be making an Easter tree with blown decorated eggs to make it pretty.

We can save the eggs each year by storing them in a egg box, and in years to come we may have something a little like this impress the neighbours!

So, You will need-
Darning Needle
Egg box
Lots of breath
Things to paint and decorate the eggs with.


     Place an egg in an egg box for support and carefully make a hole with the needle at the top of the egg. Carefully turn it over and make a slightly bigger hole. Wiggle the needle around inside the egg to pierce the yolk, then blow through the small hole (over a jug or bowl) to empty its contents.  Repeat till you have the desired amount of eggs.
-       Submerge the egg in warm water and vinegar to give it a little wash. Allow to dry.
-       Decorate the egg in any way you feel fit. Paint, paper, felt pens pastels, decoupage, cut out shapes… etc etc. Allow to dry
-       To attach to the tree, cut a length of ribbon and glue carefully around the egg lengthwise tying the free ends at the top and tying on the train.
-       Find a gorgeous blossoming tree from your garden and cut a few branches and place in a vase. Decorate with your eggs.
-       Make pancakes with the insides of the eggs as a treat for yourself and your little ones.

I’ll get the little ones gluing and painting and show you our treasure eggs next week.

Happy Weekend!

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