Thursday, 15 March 2012


For those of you who didn’t watch the One show last night or read Surrey Life a few weeks ago, beware you could be yarn bombed!

What is it?
Well put it simply- THIS

Tree in Od, Sweden

Farnham Maltings

Knit Knot tree by the Jafagirls

Surrey Life spotting

Decorating and bombarding local amenities with,….
well knitting. 
Lampposts, Street names, band stands and telephone boxes. You name it…nowhere is safe from this gorgeous infestation of knitting and purling.

Little did I know that it happens here, in Farnham, where I live!
After a trip to UNRAVEL last month, I was in awe of the gorgeous entrance to The Farnham Malting’s. The bridge was decorated with knitted Chinese Lanterns and lampposts were kept warm with little sleeves of knitted warmers. Gorgeous. I was in heaven.

As a non-knitter myself (Sarah is the knitter in this partnership) I am in awe of knitters and knitted products. Especially unexpected knitted things.

I am thrilled to learn that a literal neighbour of mine has started a gathering of knitters called Knitting Ne’er Do Wells in a gathering place right behind my house! And to promote the Farnham Maltings knitting show last month they were asked to decorate the town in an appropriate way….by knit bombing it!

As I tweeted last night to @SurreyLife  Matthew Williams, who seamed to be as excited as I was that the Farnham knitters were on tele…."I want to be  #yarnbombed!". I wondered if i would be safe in my bed at night, or if i should be worried that i may be knitted into my house tonight by those naughty knitters.

I may even try again and persist with my knitting antics so I can start yarnbombing too!

Matthew is asking anyone who has been yarn-bombed locally to add your images to the Surrey Life website. 

Farnham Maltings
Knitting Ne'er Do Wells

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