Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Vernal Equinox – my chance to go all Brian Cox on the blog?!

Prof Brian Cox
Now those of you who follow us on Twitter will know, I'm the scientist of the partnership (having gained a BSc Geology from the University of Leicester oh so many years ago) and since today is the vernal equinox (ver = spring equi = equal nox = night) I could take this chance to go all 'Brian Cox' on the blog. I did do astronomy (study of the solar system) as my minor subject in my first year and so it'd be easy for me to launch into a blog full of science speak and lovely diagrams.

No wait! Don't leave, I'll fight my inner urges to teach the world about science and I'll concentrate on the signs of Spring instead! As today we can officially mark this as the first day of Spring.

Spring is a wonderful time of year, in fact it's the time of year when my garden is at it's best. I have lots of woodland plants in my garden and Spring is the time that they bloom. All it takes is a few days of warming suns rays and some blue skies and my garden (excuse the pun it wasn't intended) 'springs' to life.

Crocus in my garden
Flowering now – Daffodils are scattered throughout all my beds, patchy in those places the squirrels have found them. With Daddy DayCare being Welsh, it's important to us to have lots of these bright yellow heads bobbing in the breeze. The big and small camellias are in flower, since Daddy DayCare can't always remember Camellia we call these large shrubs by traditional names – Steve the largest is particularly full of big red flowers at the moment.
Our hazel tree is also in full bloom, well heavy with dangling catkins which is about as much as it can do in the 'full bloom' stakes!

Bursting with buds – Damson, Lonicera, Apple trees, roses, azealias, tulips, wild primrose, Kojo no mai, and the evergreen shrub I planted and forgot the name of are all thick with full green buds just waiting to burst into flower.

Twitchy Tail!
We have a canal at the bottom of our garden and the ducks, moorhens and swans are starting to pair off. The squirrels are digging up the lawn in search for their buried treasures (grrrrr pesky twitchy tails) and the robins, song thrushes, black birds and tits are all starting to collect pieces of moss and twigs in their beaks. I can hear the nuthatches pecking away at someone's tree and have seen the green woodpecker and the greater spotted woodpecker dashing from tree to tree. This year we also have two field fares who have decided to stay with us instead of carrying themselves off to France as per usual. And they are more than welcome as well!

Of course with the warm weather and a mild winter we are also 'enjoying' the delights of mosquito bites (last week my neck was badly bitten and I looked like I had several chins instead of just the usual two!!), lots of small baby slugs that DangerBaby likes to pick up and squeeze, and snail trails leading to empty shells (thank you fieldfares and thrushes!!).

I've mulched the ground and now need to turn some of the compost heaps, there's a Cox's Pippin Orange apple tree that needs planting and a Jonagold apple tree that needs repotting. I have plans to introduce chickens this year and need to start on building a coup. DangerBaby has a lovely deluxe house that Daddy DayCare will lovingly build for her once Mummy decides where it can go...I promise it'll not become the chicken coup!!

As always I'll keep our Facebook page and this blog updated with all and any photos of our Spring time blooms!

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