Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Baby Etiquette

I am going to my first baby shower very soon. The Mum to be is one of my closet friends.  Today I was asked by another friend what the protocol was for gifts, strategy, the party etc etc as a gifting expert….erm?.

To be totally honest, the stereo-typical baby shower we all know horrified me so much while I was pregnant with the naughty that when a “shower” was mentioned to celebrate my birth I simply flat refused. I am a traditionalist but I also hate being centre of attention. And to be completely honest nappy cakes are really not me at all! That’s why I started unik gifts, as I think heirloom traditional gifts that last a lifetime are more important and appreciated then a pile of nappies. That's my personal opinion. We are all different aren't we.

So what is the protocol?? Do you buy a gift for the shower and not for the birth?? Do you buy a gift for the Mum and the baby or just the baby?  Is it all cupcakes and nappy cakes?
Please someone help me??

As we are adding a baby shower gift service to our unik services we have been tip tapping and trying to work out exactly what one is and the conclusion I have come to is that every shower should be as individual as the Mum and baby. There shouldn’t be a fixed agenda, plan or strategy. Simply a moment to celebrate Mum and bump. As all Mums and bumps are different, all baby showers should be different.

We are keeping this baby shower personal and friendly.  
Mum to be has been a close friend since school and most birthdays we recorded mix tapes for each others as our Saturday jobs didn't allow change for friends birthday presents. 

So baby bump has been made her own little mix tape. Something to soothe and help little one sleep. A collection of Mums favourite songs so that baby can be soothed by familiar music. 

We are buying Mum a wild plum tree that blossoms in the month baby is due so she’ll always see it and think of baby.

I have organised for a very bright Shuktara baby blanket to be made that isn't girlie pink but sunny yellow. It will fit with the pale yellow nursery that Mum has planned. I chose the floral before I knew the nursery was planned to be yellow. It is very in Mum to be's taste.  It was chosen as much for Mum as it was for baby bump.

And to add laughter to the day, a highly inappropriate cake has been made to make Mum to be laugh and giggle with games to see how prepared new Mum to be is. 

A baby shower should be as individual as a new baby.
By asking unik to help you with your baby shower you can be as original or traditional as you please. It's about reflecting the individuality of the Mum to be. We like to be unique and original,  just like you are. 

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