Tuesday, 27 March 2012


In the 1980’s television presenter, Angela Rippon, put pen to paper and wrote a series of children’s books about a fairy called Victoria Plum.
Victoria was a tree fairy from the Great Wood who lived amongst her fairy friends Marsha, Ben and Sugar Plum and her talking woodland creature friends.
The books were illustrated by artist Colin Petty and were published by Purnell and Sons.

We were lucky enough to persuade Colin that we would find happy homes for the  last original illustrations of Victoria that he had. His cartoons and illustrations are very special and would make any nursery a happy one with Victoria on the wall.

Colin Petty was born in Wanstead, East London. He studied graphic design at the South West Essex School of Art in Walthamstow, London
“When I graduated I found work in a cartoon studio in Wardour Street, mainly because many of my serious attempts at artwork still looked like cartoons. Since the late 70s I have worked for myself, initially on licensed character work. I have illustrated almost every cartoon created, from Disney, MGM, Loony Toons, Rupert the Bear and The Magic Roundabout etc. Most of this has been in the form of comics and children's books. I have worked for Disney in the past and have spent some days at their Paris studio learning all the finer details that Walt had to offer”
Victoria and her friends currently reside here.

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