Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A HELP guide....It's Mums day on SUNDAY!

For those of you who don’t know, have forgotten or simply have lost track of time, 
it is 
Mother’s day 

Shock, Horror, Gasp!!!

So all you Daddies know, We Mummies like to be appreciated on Mum’s day. 
Even if we say “Don’t worry if your busy love” or “It’s really not a problem sweetheart”. 
What we actually mean is “how dare he forget!”

So to help you along the way this year, here are my helpful little hints and tips to winning brownie points and getting Mum something she will adore  from her little one, via Dad, this Mother’s day. My little ones are too small to do any of this themselves so I hope Mr K (and other Daddies) will read this and act upon it!


GIFT: Get little ones to draw, stick, cut and make a picture/card.
PRICE: £totally free 
EFFECT: Maximum smiles with Ohhhh's and Arrhhhh's
TIP: Mums keep these forever, as they are treasured things we love dearly.

One I made for my Mum when I was much smaller than I am now!


GIFT: Photograph little one holding a hand made sign saying “Happy Mom’s day”
PRICE: £totally free
EFFECT: Maximum smiles with a immediate upload to her facebook page to show the world how loved she is, and how much she loves her little ones back.
TIP: Again us mums keep these forever, as they are treasured things we love dearly.

One I made with Ida for Daddies day last year.

GIFT: For soon to be, or New Mums - an original and modern baby book; “Book about me”
PRICE: £25.00
EFFECT: Whether the recipient is a soon to be mum or new mum, expect tears. Good tears!
TIP: This book is what every new Mum wishes for. A book to keep all those treasured memories about the new baby fresh and in one place. Mum will enjoy filling it in and looking back over it when baby is a little older. This book can be updated up to the age of 5 so a very unique and special gift from baby to Mum.
Contact sales@unikgifts.co.uk to order

A perfect treat to treasure and capture every memory


GIFT: A heart shaped rainbow maker, given with love.
PRICE: £25
EFFECT: Smiles and a little tear followed by a quiet moment while she realises how loved she is.
TIP: Mum can hang this in a brightly lit room and dance through the sun rays and rainbows created while waltzing with little one to a favourite tune. Creating smiles and gorgeous memories.


GIFT: Very personal fingerprint jewellery made with love with little ones own sticky prints. A little moment kept forever.
PRICE: From £35
EFFECT: Big Kiss for little one and and even bigger kiss for you!
TIP: Although it is a little too late to order in time for Mother’s day, we can produce a gift certificate that can be sent to Mum in the nick of time letting her know about the treasure soon to arrive. Click here to find out more.

A perfect memento of those small fingers


So, you’ve been warned, with a whole week in advance to get organised and win over your wives, partner’s, girlfriends, whatever they may be’s, heart. 

Help your little one say a big thank you for everything Mum does this Mother's day by making or buying something that can be treasured for ever.

With love
from your little one.

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