Wednesday, 28 March 2012

How to take better photos of your child - iPhone Apps

OK I can't really talk anymore about taking photos with your iPhone... we've covered everything about actually taking photos - so now let's talk a bit about editing them.

The iPhone world is full with useful little applications - everyone calls them Apps for short. Every iPhone user has they'e own personal favourite apps, I like free apps the best so most of the below will cost you nothing.

Taking Apps

Genius - If you suffer from bad camera shake then this is the app for you. I think it slows down the speed of the shutter action to much - I've usually lost my shot of my blonde blur by the time this app has taken the photo.

Photosynth - You want one of those 360 panoramic view pictures that you can zoom into, zoom around and see the whole picture? Then this app is the one for you! A lovely tap screen to take the shot and beautiful zoom features afterwards. It's my go to app for those shots of the u-ni-k gifts stall!

Editing Apps

Camera Flash - Probably the first app I downloaded and the one I don't use. I thought that since the iPhone didn't have one then artificially adding light to the photo would be useful. I was wrong, it adjusts the exposure only - you lose detail and the colour adjusts strangely.

Dash of Colour - Love this App! You know those clever shots where everything is black and white apart from little piece of colour? Well this app lets you do just that. It changes the whole photo black and white and using your finger allows you to 'colour back in' the colour of the photo! You can zoom in, to make your colouring in more accurate! If you make a mistake you can choose to re-gray over your mistake!

PS Express - This is a little mini photoshop! The app lets you make basic adjustments to the photo but all the really cool stuff is a purchase add on.

  Snapseed - OK not a free app unless you downloaded it in the 12 Days of Christmas iTunes store like I did. However this is worth the £2.99 or whatever. The best application I've found for adjusting photos, it's the first place I go to improve a photo that I love. In fact I love it so much I'm going to dedicate a whole blog post to Snapseed in the very near future.

Once you are happy with your photos then you have several ways of presenting them

Frame magic - This allows you to place two or more photos in frames. Again some of the more conservative frame types have to be purchased but you can edit the photos a little, crop and enhance etc. You can change the frame width and type... so if you have three pictures of your little one that you want to display together in a professional layout then this is your app!
Pic Collage - Do you love that pin board look? Then this lets you do just that. You can choose your board (background) and then tack your photos on to the board. You can make images bigger or smaller, rotate them, put boarders on or not. This app even lets you put on text - very cool! It's my new favourite toy.

Sharing Apps

 Instagram - This app edits as well as shares photos. If you love those vintage look photos then this is the app for you. You can choose from a number of presets which come with all the right tinges and boarders. You can then save these to your profile and you and your followers can like and comment on them. Instagram also posts to Twitter or Facebook with ease!

Facebook - A little more than a photo sharing application but for us first time parents the main reason for joining Facebook was the ease of sharing photos of our little ones with friends and family. Every Granny I know only uses Facebook for seeing photos of their grandchildren.

So there are my top photo apps on the iPhone. I don't have many and I've stumbled upon them over the past few years or so (I'm not a big apps downloader as I only bought an iPhone at the end of my pregnancy - it's amazing how much time I've not had to browse through apps!).

Please share your favourites with me just in case I've missed some fab ones!

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