Thursday, 7 March 2013

Are you sitting comfortably?

Are you sitting comfortably? Well then, I'll begin.
Many, many (in fact too many "many"s to mention) years ago a very young girl was given an award for reading in her school assembly. While the award has been lost in the sands of time, the privilege that went with the award has never been lost or forgotten. For that little girl was invited to the library to choose a book to read during break time instead of sitting with her class to have a story read to her.

She can still remember to this day the quietness of the school library, and the musty smell of old books. As you know she chose The Hobbit as her book to read (read this blog here) and she loved every minute of it. This early memory fostered a love for books that has lasted until this day.

In fact, she's now trying to foster a love for books and stories in her little girl. It's not an easy task in this age of technology; the TV, Daddy's iPad, Mummy's phone, and all her noisy toys are a wonderful distraction. But not at bed time. Bedtime is STORIES time.

We read at least 3 books to our little one before going to bed, sometimes we dutifully follow the words, sometimes we make our own stories by looking at the pictures... It doesn't matter, we turn the pages and point out things to each other sharing in the joy that each book & illustration brings.

As tomorrow is world book day, and many children will be heading off to school as their favourite characters of books they have read. Remember to take time in this busy world of technology to read a book to your child (doesn't matter how old, mine has been sent of to sleep with a story since she was months old). You never know what moment is going to spark that lifetime love of reading... it may just be with you!

Find out more about World Book Day here

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